Dressed Up for Pancakes! Woosa Pancake House Part.2

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Dressed Up for Pancakes! Woosa Pancake House Part.2

Today's Group Photo

Mirage, Grace

Can’t believe there’s a part two of this! XD

While planning our photoshoot, we discovered that there was a Woosa Pancake House near the studio, so we decided to include it in our plans. After the photoshoot, the two of us, along with the photographer Lun, went to have pancakes for dinner.

Grace even brought her little teddy to join us.

Here’s what Grace and I ordered:
Classic Honey Ice Cream Pancakes, Tropical Fruit Blend Herbal Tea, $280 + 10%

The photographer sitting next to us ordered chocolate pancakes.

Compared to our first visit, we took tons of photos this time because I got a new phone. No holding back on the photos, so there won’t be any regrets about “not taking enough pictures” this time!

Also, compared to last time, I think I look cuter! XD
(It seems like every Woosa branch has this pancake mural, needs verification)

Next: Dressed Up for Beef Bowls! (Just kidding)

Outfit Details:
Bonnet:Metamorphose - Crystal Tarot -Guidance from the Stars-
JSK:Metamorphose - Crystal Tarot -Guidance from the Stars-
Blouse:Figlia - Rossetti Sonnets
Printed Over the Knee Socks:Metamorphose - Magical moon light
Shoes:Metamorphose - Ribbon Strap Shoes

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