maimai YouTube Channel

maimai YouTube Channel

What is “maimai”?

Maimai is an arcade music game launched by SEGA.

“maimai” also means “dance! dance!” in Japanese (舞舞), which presents the typical scene when players engage with the game—clapping button notes and sliding on-screen star trails like dancing.

It is perfect for recording gameplay videos.

*By the way, since the arcade cabinet looks similar to a washing machine, it has a fun name: “The Washing Machine.” This’s also a famous maimai meme.

maimai Guide & Playthrough Channel

At first, I find this game was good for recording video that playing game likes dancing. More entertaining with stage costumes.

I took a lot of notes to help get my first milestone high score while playing. (Expert / aka red chart , 97%, Rank S, Full Combo) While editing the videos, I added my notes to the gameplay footage, turning them into the videos in my channel you watch.

Not only the guide notes and entertainful stage costumes player (me. lol). The manually added sparkle slide sound tells you when you need to swipe more realistically. You could not mess after watching my video, if you’re still practice. (The notes is written in Chinese, but the music and sound is the same.)

Compared to top players, my playing score is not perfect enough. But it still inspired more talented players, and made non-players think, “maimai looks really interesting!” So, I think it’s not bad after all.