2023 Birthday – Sparkle Crystal Flower

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2023 Birthday – Sparkle Crystal Flower

To achieve my enormous dreams alone, I incubate myself like a seed in the soil for a long time.
Every day brings new progress as I learn more about new things. Finally, blooming in front of everyone is the “Sparkle Crystal Flower” – also the title of this outfit! XD

Thank you all for your support and attention from the past until now. It has been as essential as rainwater to a flower. Please continue to take care of me in the future, as I hope to grow into an even better flower than I am this year. ✨

Outfit Details:
JSK, Bonnet, Printed Knee Socks:Metamorphose - Royal Crown Cat
Blouse:Figlia - Rossetti Sonnets
Shoes:Metamorphose - Ribbon Strap Shoes

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