Happy birthday to Minori in 2023


Happy birthday to Minori in 2023

Happy birthday to the Japanese white makeup artist, Minori~✨

To be honest, I’ve been contemplating this congratulatory illustration for quite a while, thinking about it since around November.

Initially, I considered creating not just an illustration but a small game featuring Minori as the main character, that’s what my job does(game dev). However, upon reflection, a portrait seemed to be the most direct way to express admiration for an artist who has excelled in illustration and fashion design, even though I’m not a pro illustrator.

While working on the drawing, I noticed other artists offering portrait commissions and briefly considered whether it would be quicker to commission someone else to draw Minori. However, I decided to take my time and complete it myself.

There were even moments when I thought, “Maybe the sketch looked better than the line art,” but eventually, it all came together, and I carefully applied the colors— I think it turned out okay (if I may say so myself. lol).

Though it may be clumsy, the gift is an expression of heartfelt intentions, and drawing it by hand allows me to convey my feelings and creative intent. While this drawing may not capture Minori’s cuteness entirely, I gave it my best shot. 😂

Happy birthday, Minori! 🎂