Shironuri & Kawaii


What is “Shironuri”?

Shironuri (白塗り) means a makeup style that “paints the face white.” Geisha, Kabuki performers, visual kei artists with painted white faces (such as Mana-sama), and white-faced clowns are all examples of shironuri makeup.

Shironuri Fashion

In addition, there is a style called “Shironuri Fashion,” and one of the representative figures is Minori──

maimai YouTube Channel

What is “maimai”?

Maimai is an arcade music game launched by SEGA.

“maimai” also means “dance! dance!” in Japanese (舞舞), which presents the typical scene when players engage with the game—clapping button notes and sliding on-screen star trails like dancing.

It is perfect for recording gameplay videos ──


The Crossdress Cosplayer

I used to be a crossdress cosplayer, and then I became a shironuri creator and a maimai Youtuber. You could have watched these photos before.