MagmaFever (In development)

Mecha, Underground, Mining, Adventure

Indie game from Taiwan, presented by FancyMirage.
Currently in development. (Ver. Alpha)

“Magma Fever” is expected to be a 2D pixel-style mining action adventure game. You will pilot the underground engineering mecha called “Dwarf”, dig into a mysterious and perilous volcanic world filled with minerals and scorching magma. As a pioneer of the underground exploration team “Obsidian Explore,” you will go through various underground ecosystems and accomplish multiple missions in procedurally generated maps. Face off against enemies that shouldn’t exist underground, overcome sudden underground disasters like earthquakes and lava surges. Reach the deepest underworld, stop the super volcano eruption.




Planning, scriptwriting, programming, and also responsible for art/composition.

Current Progress

Currently in progress

Level engine development. Some tutorial levels are already playable.

Prototype demo exhibitions

I will attend a non-public Taiwan indie game developer party that run every month to presented my demo.

What will this game resemble the most?

Based on the current progress, this game will have a similar feel to the Flash game “Motherload” from over a decade ago. But there will be lots of fresh differences at Magma Fever.

Ver. Alpha

in Future

Story Characters

Could be revealed after level engine finish.

Story Length

5 chapters + EndGame.

Free Trial

Chapter 1 (including tutorials).

Release Date

Could be for 2024.


Platform: PC (Steam)
Number of Players: 1 player
Controls: Gamepad, Keyboard+Mouse
Development Engine: Godot 3.5 (could updated to 4.1)
Supported Languages at Launch: Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese
Release Date: Could be for 2024.