Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About Us

This is Mirage, representing this website “Fancy Mirage Productions” ( and setting forth the following privacy policy──


This website is built with WordPress, but do not have features such as commenting, submitting posts, or online store. Therefore, browsing our site does not require user login, account creation, or using cookies.

Third-Party Collection

To optimize website design, we use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to analyze user behavior on our site. However, all the statistics we can access are anonymized, so feel free and easy to visit this site.

Steam Page, Wishlist

My Steam page is currently under development, and the privacy policy for that section will be based on the Steam platform. Additionally, it seems that developers can only view the number of wishlists after anonymization.

“Contact” Page

The contact page embeds Google Forms to collect feedback and opinions. To prevent spam attacks, the form requires providing an email address and nickname. I will collect and store these data but only use it to provide relevant services on our site.